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i started cycling last summer and i am really struggling with my bike fitness/endurance partly because i don't do enough cycling long days at work plus i work sat mornings i dont commute as where i work i'd be worried about damage happening to the bike as i work for an agricultural suppliers and we dont have any bike sheds etc. But i really need to get a training regime going, does anyone have any training plans/ guides for getting that base fitness level going upwards?
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    It's not easy is is...

    you could try a Turbo trainer - I have a cycleops fluid2 to boost my 'mileage" during the winter season. It's pretty dull although I find that the carmichael training system DVD that came with it ( a time-trial specific workout) helps and makes sure I last an hour on it. I have since bought another more general DVD - cycling for fitness - which is equally good and keep you going.

    Other things that help me:

    I used to not go out because "I didn't have time" for a 'decent' run - i.e. an hour or two - which quite tuff to fit in to a working day and kids at home. I changed that thought process and now think - "I am going to go out at every opportunity even if it is only for 20mins" - it's still 20mins of pedaling your bike, with elevated heart rate, breathing etc. inevitably the ride ends up longer than 20 mins, ut for example I went out last night for 43minutes and felt great. This mental shift changes your outlook from "i haven't got time" to "must make the most of it" and I find it really helps.
    also, I have a fixed gear bike (just a Langster) which I use for short training runs - I find it quite intense so it really makes the most of your short trips out and is quite demanding on the legs as there is no down-a-gear-or-two option on the slopey bits.

    one more thing - try publishing a training Blog and encourage people to look at it - if you are documenting your training in a public arena, it might push you on to have more to talk about.

    one final thing - if you don't like leaving that precious cannondale about an agri suppliers (and I don't blame you - i wouldn't either) - have you thought about buying a cheap 'hack' bike that you don't mind leaving? - perhaps a fixed gear for low maintenance and allow you to make the most of the short (is it?) commute to work?

    good luck anyway!