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I've read that WD40 should not be used on chains as it is too thin to lubricate properly, but can it be used on bare gear/brake cables and nuts & bolts to help prevent corrosion?

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    You'd be better off with grease. Dip the end of an allen key in and dab it into the head of the bolts. Should stop any rust.
  • GT-85 is better it is the american airforce version of wd-40
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    WD40 is NOT a lubricant. You can use to clean your chain, but you need something like this:

    http://wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetail.aspx? ... %20Dropper

    to put on the chain afterwards.
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    Oh we had the same conversation in the MTB section yesterday.

    have a look http://www.bikeradar.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12558317
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  • its also good to take all the oil off your hands after working with a chain etc.
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    No I wouldn't use WD40, it just removes lubrication. I use appropriate lubes and greases for the specific need. GT85 on the other hand has some teflon lube in it I think, and I have used a judicious and small spray of this to get in hard to reach places after a bike wash (not brakes or rims of course!).
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    Over the last 28 years, I've used every concoction I ever heard about :shock: , but I've never used anything better than Prolink.....not only does it do an excellent job, but seems to keep the chain AND the cogs cleaner, longer...
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    I use Prolink progold too - the best chain lube I have found, clean as a dry lube, but lasts like a wet lube - perfect!

    (Tried all the rest, Finish Line of various concoctions, white lightening, pedros and many others).
  • WD40 or GT85 are very similar, it's best to use them on the moving parts of your bike after washing it as it displaces the water.
    I find it best to use GT85 on cables (via Middleburn Cable oilers - great invention) and a good spray on the drivetrain and in the shifters.
    Then get some good chain lube - finish line makes good lube - and put this on the chain.

    Not sure if you're running discs or V's, if you've got discs be careful not to get any lube anywhere near the discs or the pads or else you'll contaminate them and the discs will need to be seperatly cleaned and the pads replaced. If you've got V's then spray a bit on the pivots (you should also avoid spraying the rim too)

    Remember, a good lube will keep you riding for longer...
    I'm sure that rattling will go away...

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    See no harm in cleaning a chain (or other moving parts) with WD40 (or cheaper "rust inhibitors"). I just use 3 in 1 oil on chains - or, if I can be bothered wiping off excess, plain engine oil (use it on the m'cycles' chains and seems to do them fine).
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    well I believe it displaces lube from the chain then quickly evaporates itself leaving the chain unlubed and squeeky
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    "leaving the chain unlubed and squeeky"

    Well, yes, hence the oil! White spirit leaves a small trace of oil as it dries, but again oil afterwards.
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    A lot of bike mechanics that I talk to say "Don't even get WD-40 close to a bike".

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    GT85 is good for a general once over at the end of cleaning.

    I use it on everything except braking surfaces. Offers a bit of protection and leaves your bike smelling great.

    Still leaves the chain needing a proper chain lube though.
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    dennisn wrote:
    A lot of bike mechanics that I talk to say "Don't even get WD-40 close to a bike".

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    WD40 is great if you use it for it's intended purpose. It is a water displacer (hence the WD).

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  • Thanks for your advice everyone. 8)
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    WD40 also leaves a sticky residue when it dries up which of course is going to attract crap.