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Please forgive yet another knee question, its my birthday

duckfoot1606duckfoot1606 Posts: 89
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I have searched the forum but cannot find answers to my specific issue, so please forgive this post.

Was crippled by excruciating knee pain on sunday, most unusual as I am not afflicted by this up to now. Pain is in the right knee and the onset was quite sudden, going uphill. It stayed for the remainder of the ride and since then, walking up or down stairs has been a painful affair, although getting better as time goes by. There is no apparent swelling in the knee joint itself, but as time has gone by the pain has become more localised and I now know it is restricted to the middle of the patella, just under the skin that covers it. There is a distinct squidgy lump that I can move about with my fingers, when I do so the pain moves with it. I cant be sure whether the lump is fluid or fleshy, but it seems to keep the same basic shape.

Any ideas, and yes I am off to the doc later. And yes, it really is my birthday today.


  • batch78batch78 Posts: 1,320
    Can't help but happy birthday, hope its nothing too serious.

    I've only ever had trouble with ligaments/tendons at back/side of knee!
  • Sounds like you might have ruptured something in there. Could just be a quadraceps tendon tear and fluid build up from that

    The doc will sort you out. I wouldn't ride on it and no running up and down stairs.
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  • Well just to update you i've been off to the doc and it looks as if i've got bursitis (similar to housemaids knee). The bursa is a smal sac that facilitates smooth running of ligaments over bone, in my case the right knee cap. This is now inflammed and has filled with fluid, the squidgy lump I can move around.

    Advice is to limit use for ten days (yeah, sure!!), the route cause is most probably the sudden increase in mileage from 20 miles max/day to 65 miles on sunday.

    Basically i've bitten off more than I can chew and yep, should have known better.
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