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Sinlge Speed Brakes

sebthebumsebthebum Posts: 38
edited February 2008 in XC and Enduro
hi i just wondered what brakes people are running on their single speeds as i want to know if mine are fine.
i run an xtr v rear and im getting an xt v front.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    run what ever you want.

    built a few with mech disc. and hydros and V's
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  • Cheapo v's that came with my first proper bike. But if i had a choice, the best avid v-s i could afford.
  • AdamPAdamP Posts: 105
    Hayes Stroker Ryde discs

    Bit on / off but they were super cheap from Merlin as a package with some mavic wheels.

    I think they are still doing similar deals if you want cheap discs

    Adam :)
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  • I was going to run Hayes cable disks. Had a non-disk frame, bought the adaptor, bought Pace disk only forks started to put it all together last week only to find the frame adaptor doesn't fit :cry: so fitted Avid Arch Rival to the back. Now I've bought adaptors (waiting to be delivered) for the forks to run an Avid Arch Rival on the front as well. I just hope that fits :shock: To top it off my single cog on the back seems too wide the gaps between the teeth, for the chain to run on so I've got to get another cog. I think it must be a BMX cog :evil: Oh the joy of a project build :lol: It's looking good apart from that and is lighter than my hardtail. It's a full suss single speed btw :D
  • aphex2kaphex2k Posts: 3,229
    I use Arch rivals (only not on a ss setup)

    If you have an XTR and an XT one, perhaps have the XTR on the front (I'd assume the XTR was a better brake and therefore better matched to the front of the bike? Just a thought)....

    Also, the XTR would be lighter. yeah, only grammes but I'd prefer a light and sharp front end.
    Mark :)
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