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Yeah yeah ...another knee question.

weeveweeve Posts: 393
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Sorry folks but anyone here a doctor? Long winded question ahead...

Just back from my local Doc here in Netherlands. Have a referral to get an x-ray (just to check out stress fractures etc) and then its off to the consultant (within a week - wow!) to see what is in store.

History...did a 225km/18,000m ride over 6 days at christmas. Steep but not loads and didnt have a whisper of any pain until sat back on the trainer in early Jan on my return. Usual over-use sensation (patella rub on inside of left knee so took it easy and went strength exercises to stabilise and try and minimise bad biomechanics. Knee continued to feel swollen inside although there was little top swelling...until sure enough a nice Bakers cyst popped out the back (...brilliant...this summers Transalp Challenge and other races look close to the chop...glad I paid the entries, bought new bikes, arrnaged for time of work etc .looks like a fxcking stamp collecting holiday this summer then...). Im 37 and no doubt the joints are getting worn out ...but Im not THAT old and Im a weight weenie.

My question is this- if the consultant recommends a little intrusive look do I let him do it or tell him to back off until Ive had a MRI. Absolutely desparate to get this sorted asap (cant walk for pleasure, cant swim, cant cycle etc..can of course eat like a pig though). If its a cartliage/meniscus tear he's got to go in....but I dont want to be dug up if its not necessary and I have to instead put my feet up for three months.

Oh and if you can give me a full diagnosis and time frame for recovery that'd be great ;)


  • z000mz000m Posts: 544
    i dont think any1 will cut you up before the scan comes back it makes no sense. btw im 36 and i occasionally have had problems with my knees but i guess its not as serious as yours as i havent been to see a quack.
    i put mine down to weight and riding position.
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