Saddle recommendation for avoiding Piriformis syndrome

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After cycling quite a lot last year I developed the above, which basically causes a pain numb sensation in your A$$!

Ive put it down to my current saddle, its a san marco gel around.
I think its putting too much pressure on my bum.

Any one got any recommendations for this?



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    start stretching now before its to late. I've just lost a years cycling and could note sit down for months :!:
    on a lighter note specalized BG saddles measure you for the right fit!
    I always used to stretch but not good enough. try a yoga video . have a look at :wink:
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    I think the Selle An-Atomica may be the answer


    There is a video of it in action here

    The part where the sit bones go flexes as you ride, and there is a cutout to relieve pressure on the crown jewels.

    The version with second skin laminate is fully waterproof leather and needs no treatment (unlike Brooks).

    I am definitely going to give one a try when I can justify the money (about £100 delivered). The guys were very helpful when I made email enquiries.

    I am currently using Specialized Avatar, the best yet, but still not quite as good as I want.

    i stopped cycling about 4 months ago when it started to affect my sciatic nerve.

    im currently stretching and usign a foam roller which really helps.
    I want to get back into cycling but i dont want it to get any worse.
  • It also could be a muscle imbalance problem. The piriformis tends to kick in when you have weaker gluts so as well as stretching your piriformis I'd be training your gluts. If you can find out about 'the clam' or 'oyster' which is a pilates exercise specifically for the gluts. Also when cycling keep giving gluts a gentle squeeze for 10 seconds every time you hit traffic lights for example. Also check your cycle position, if you are cycling with an over flexed lumbar spine you could be increasing tension through your sciatic nerve which can pass through your piriformis, consequently causing spasm.

    Good luck!
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    thanks amy Ill give that a try as well :idea: