Recovery ride - how hard / far should I go ?

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After the Sunday club run , I don't ride Mondays (except a shortish commute) . I normally ride on a Tuesday though but usually I've still got a certain amount of tiredness in my legs from Sunday . In spite of this I still try to push myself but I'm not sure that I'm doing the right thing i.e. I suspect I should be 'listening to my body' and maybe I should be going slow and steady instead and if so for what kind of distance ? I mean is say 20 miles at a slower pace enough ? My normal club runs are about 80 miles for what it's worth .


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    Why not use your Monday commute as a recovery ride? If my legs are heavy (like today) after a hard weekend ride, I'll ride into work but use a very low gear - you should hardly feel the pedals on a recovery ride.

    They don't have to be long - anything over 20 mins will get the blood pumping into the tired muscles and flush out some of the remaining lactic acid from your hard ride.

    Pushing yourself when your legs are still heavy from previous training is not necessarily a good idea and can lead to tendon/muscle problems I've found.
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    Recovery ries should be at 65% or thereabouts of maximum HR. So pretty easy stuff.

    Avoid hills and stick to a slow wander.
    I quite like to use one of my weekly university club rides as a recovery ride- I lead out a slower group and we do 2 hours at about 14/15mph average on the flat. Very sociable and good for introducing people.

    So maybe try and get a few less fit friends together and go riding with them for an hour or two- or just do an <1hr solo at an easy wander.
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    Bronzie wrote:
    Why not use your Monday commute as a recovery ride?

    That was my plan this morning after logging some good hard miles this weekend. Legs were very veavy when I started out this morning and effort level wasnt helped by all the traffic light stopping and starting and having to defend position with lunatic drivers intend on filling your current bike filled space with their cars.

    Still intend on cruising home lightly this evening... :D
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