How excited am I?

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Hi Folks - after some super weather this weekend, I am seriously looking forward to ordering a bike from my LBS is a couple of weeks time. Here's why I'm so excited:

Back in March last year, I did my back in quite seriously. I had to give up all exercise (I could barely move) and my two main sports, golf and tennis, are going to have to wait at least a couple of years even now. :(

I was finally diagnosed with a massive puncture in a lower disc and had the op to fix it in December. The past couple of months have been pretty bloody painful but finally recovery seemed to take hold last week - only one day required morphine to get through it.

My physio recommended that I take up cycling due to its non-impact nature. It should also help with (vital) core strength too. My surgeon has told me I can start riding in March :D

So, since July last year, I've been lurking on the Forums (only joined in September though), amassing tips on equipment and technique. I've made my mind up what to go for and the weekend after next I'm going to order a Spesh Roubaix Elite. And I am so excited.

Over the past months, the thought of getting on a bike is one of the main things that's really helped keep me positive and looking forward.

Thanks to everyone on the Forum for their help - even answers to questions not asked by me have been very useful.

No doubt I'll have lots of silly questions once I actually start riding, and hopefully I'll be able to start giving back before long.

Sorry for the long post - I just wanted to share my excitement. And sometimes you need to do that, especially when sat at your desk on a Monday morning... :D

In the meantime, look out for my 'first clipless fall' post! :lol:


  • Glad to hear you're on the mend Nuggs. Don't be afraid to ask a silly question. No doubt it'll be a question someone else was afraid to ask and glad you did!

    Spesh Roubaix Elite really is a lovely bike and can understyand your excitment at getting your hands on such a fine steed.

    Let us know how your first outing goes in March.
    Every winner has scars.