Altura Stream Windproof jacket Query

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I need to but a new jacket for my road rides, something breathable but warm, probably only wearing a base layer underneath. Up to now I have been using a Crane Jacket bought from Lidl last autumn but the zip has failed. Using my Altura Stram jersey is not warm enough. So my question is this, if an item is discribed as a jacket is it thicker to cope with colder weather such as recent mornings, or is it much the same as a jersey. The reason for my confusion is I already own an Altura windproof jersey, but not a jacket and it is not warm enough.


  • I have a Altura Nevis jacket, and on the coldest mornings with a base layer and long sleeved jersey I am warm as toast, even without the long sleeved jersey on a coldish morning I am warm, so its a good investment especially if there is rain in the air, if there are clear skies I don't bother with the jacket and just wear a base layer with the jersey

    hope this helps