Headset problem

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Starting to notice that the headset on my trusty Trek is feeling a bit funny. When the front wheel is point dead straight, it feels like there is a 'notch' that the headset 'wants' to stay in. It will move out of it but it idefinitely does travel smoothly as you move the handlebars left and right. The bike is rideable overall but feels a bit twitchy and unresponsive at the front.

Any idea what this is? I think I have heard of something like this being caused by turbo trainers (as the bike is ridden fixed in one position) but I don't use one.

Thanks for any advice.


  • Foz72
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    Correction: definitely does NOT travel smoothly as you move the handlebars :wink:
  • Smokin Joe
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    It is a common problem caused by "Brinelling" of the headset races. All bikes spend most of their time with the forks pointing straight ahead and the ball bearings wear notches on the race over time.

    You will hear various bodges to cure it, but the best bet is to replace the headset.
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    The indexed headset comes into its own when no-handing :shock:
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