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First Enduro Tips

dryburger_3.0dryburger_3.0 Posts: 30
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Me and a group of friends (all 15 years old) have decided to enter an Enduro to raise money for charity. We are quite a mixed group with a mix of mountain bikers, roadies and a GB Junior Track cyclist. Even so we thought that it would be a laugh and a great way to raise money (we already have donations coming in). Most of us are rowers who train way too much anyway so fitness isn't an issue but I was what anyone might have any tips to make it work that little more smoothly and advice on what to bring etc.

The race is the Kona Bristol Bikefest on the 7-8th of June. (if anyone else has done this, advice would be useful)

Cheers for any advice that anyone might have.
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  • carbonfiendcarbonfiend Posts: 475
    Not sure if you guys are doing the 12hr or 6 hours, if this is your first time my advice would be to pace yourself don't get caught up racing anybody else as there's a lot of very experienced and fast riders especially if this is a fun/charity thing for you.

    Try to take spare equipment and if possible borrow a bike stand for any repairs that might need doing even better see if you can get somebody who knows about bike maintenance to support you.

    Get your bikes serrviced before the race and make sure you know how to fix some simple issues that might arise, punctures etc.

    Make sure you have enough fuel eg enegry bars/drinks etc and whilst riding make sure you keep your self hydrated, you will expend a lot of energy during this so make sure you keep yourself topped up

    The one thing I aways plan for when doing long distances events as well and is a kind of mantra is 'plan for the unexpected' eg, if you are thinking should I take X number of spare clothes/tubes/alan keys then take more rather than less. I always presume that the worst thing is going to happen so if it does I have everything I need

    Enjoy yourself enduros are a great event and there is a fantastic feeling of togetherness at these events

    Good Luck
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  • off-oneoff-one Posts: 155
    We did the 24/12 last year, it was our first enduro too. I echo all of the above, heres what worked well for us.

    When you finish your stint sort the bike first, then change into fresh clothes.
    Eat then eat some more and keep drinking.
    If possible have a pit bunny to sort out maintenance and feeding.
    Be prepared. Mud tyres were a godsend last July, thankfully I packed a pair.
    Have fun, it might seem like hell at the time. But the feeling you get afterwards is well worth all the suffering.
    Good luck to you we raised over £1500 for BIBIC, and will hopefully entering Hit The North this year.
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