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reba pressure

chilievanschilievans Posts: 90
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how much pressure do you put in your reba`s for the best performance?
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  • ACDCwmbACDCwmb Posts: 225
    Depends a lot on your weight, riding style, position on bike and what your riding on really. I've had my reba dual air forks for a few months now and I'm just starting to get to grips with them. The feel is amazing compared to the coil tora's I had before.

    The + pressure sets the ammount of sag, more psi less sag less psi more sag. I'm around 12st and I have the positive at 75psi to give me 20mm of sag. With about 80-90mm of full travel when I'm on a ride.

    The - pressure acts on the + and determines how the fork feels and tracks over different ground...I'm trying mine today at 85psi. Usually I had the - higher than the +.

    I ride fast XC and don't have a lot of jumps and big hits along my routes but there is a lot of small bumps and roots etc and I'd like them to soak up all that but with not too much bob and brake dive....the compression dampening helps to deal with that :wink:

    Best just to take a shock pump out with you and have a play, it does take a few rides though to bed in new forks.
  • pdidpdid Posts: 1,065
    Pressures can be found in the manual.

    If you don`t have the manual, download from here: ... subcatID=8

    There is also a table on the front left leg with recommended pressure`s for different weights.

    I usually run mine at slightly less pressure than the recommended setting.

  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    first thing is set the sag. and then set the negative for feel. the pressure set for the sag is purely dependent on your weight and riding style.
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  • thanks for your help
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