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Ah - I note that they're "deep drop" calipers, probably because you have room for mudguards, should you require them (57mm drop max. from centre bolt on brake to the bottom of the caliper arm).

If they're made by Shimano, then you have the best ones available on the market.
Otherwise, you're more likely to have a cheaper and less effective brand.
It's difficult to get a deep drop caliper that is as effective as a normal shorter armed caliper (which will not fit your frame).

If you don't want to fit a Shimano deep drop caliper (I think they're part of the Shimano R600 range), then try a Tektro Quartz, which is the next best thing.

Koolstop blocks get good reviews.
I ride Swissstop blocks, which are very good if somewhat pricey - A couple of sets of these, and you could probably have use the money to buy a new set of calipers!
I recently noticed that Fibrax make loads of blocks that they retail direct from their website at very keen prices.

Rims also make a difference, especially in the wet. The most effectively machined rims I have ridden are Mavic Open Pro CDs - Ceramic rims are supposedly even better, especially in the wet.


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    Try the pads first. I upgraded from Tektro to Shimano RSX. Still not as good as my 105 shallow drop but better than the Tektros. still have the Tektros . You can have them for a tenner plus postage if you want.

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    Forgot to ask , what brake levers have you got, I had Sora on the bike with the 105 calipers and they were rubbish, I then swapped the levers for Campag Centaur and the braking was transformed. I put it down to the levers flexing but I may be wrong.

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    Hills are just a matter of pace
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    I have kool stop salmon pads on my Shimano deep drops (A550s) and they are fine - not as good as the ultegra dual pivots on my summer bike, but they stop me with no problem.

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