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Bike to Work. Experience of Dealing with Halfords

house_trainedhouse_trained Posts: 41
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At last. My employers look like they're going with the scheme, but they won't be using any of the companies that i've been looking for a new bike with.

I decided to go for a Pinnacle Expede from Evans - they still have some of last year's at £700, down from £900. Any comments from people who own one would be gratefully recieved as well.

Does anyone have any experience of getting a non-halfords bike (why on earth would I not want one of their bikes?) through their shop? Is it as simple as telling them what I want and where to get it, and then waiting for delivery?

Thanks for the help.


  • Random VinceRandom Vince Posts: 11,374
    from what i've heard, yes it is as simple as saying "i want this" and they faff about getting it.
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  • Yes, it's easy, I had to go through Halfords for my companies bike scheme.

    You can only order once you have your voucher, give them a ring on the number given, say what you want (including size etc). They then Email you confirming what you've ordered, your reply to the Email to confirm, then the ball starts rolling.

    Local Halford's store then rings you when it's arrived and ready to pick up (after they've "built it")

    Think I got my bike within 2 weeks of the initial call. It is a Giant SCR though, not sure if more exotic beasts will take longer to source.

    Just don't ride the bike straight out of the shop. When I checked mine over, even the brake blocks were loose :shock:
  • Drfabulous0Drfabulous0 Posts: 1,539
    There is a dedicated Bike to Work sales team, ring the number on the voucher as stated and they will sort it out, sometimes they will get the bike from another shop and sell it to you at no profit because some suppliers won't sell to Halfords due to the 90 day payment terms. You get additional money to spend on accessories so Halfords make money on those anyway.

    Two points to bear in mind, firstly visit the Halfords stores nearby and chat to the Bikehut staff, just like independant shops some are better than others so choose the store in which the staff seemed to know what they are doing best, they will be the ones building your bike, and sorting out any warranty issues.
    Secondly please inform the Bike Specialist at the store that you have ordered the bike because nobody else will, the bike will just be delivered to the store without any info as to who it is for, there have been occassions where bikes ordered for people have been put out for sale.
  • DrFabulous0 - cheers for the advice. I read your other post about Halfords snobbery, and felt a little guilty. I wasn't having a go - you're obviously the exception to the rule. I do all of my own maintainance, but on the odd occasion i've been in my local Halfords, it's not inspired too much confidence...i've had the same feeling in some of the branches of Evans i've been in as well. Just my own past experience. Like others have said - you can still get bad advice and service from a "proper" bike shop.

    Do you still work in Halfords? Anywhere in south london? You sound like you know your onions - if we can point out bad service, we should point out the good as well.
  • Drfabulous0Drfabulous0 Posts: 1,539
    Sorry but I am no where near London, but there is supposed to be a Bike Specialist in every Halfords (the guy who runs the Bikehut department) who also knows their onions, so ask to speak to him/her. Just like any shop if they don't inspire confidence in you look elsewhere, but don't be put off the whole chain by one store, especially as you are tied in to the Bike to Work scheme. Personally i see it as my responsibility to ensure my staff have adequate knowledge as well and know to ask if they don't know.
    And please don't feel like my other thread was aimed at you specifically, it wasn't. It seems to be a widely held opinion that we have low standards, but my store doesn't (in any department) and although I don't speak for the company as a whole I can assure you that customer service is always presented to us as the number 1 priority.
    Anyway I hope you are happy with the bike you get and the service you receive as well.
  • secretsamsecretsam Posts: 4,904
    Some regular shops take Halfords vouchers - eg I think condor do it - worth checking out

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  • I would ask them not to build it up and just pick it up in the box.

    Some may be good but plenty aren't. Just imagine you're a really good mechanic - would you want to work in bikehut? or an independent?

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