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Hi all
is there anywhere you can buy the shimano ultegra gear's all in one set as apposed to individual items if so how much?
i want the shimano ultegra set can i have it in a triple also?


  • Yes, it's called a groupset. Triple cranks shouldn't be a problem.
    You should be able to get this just about anywhere I would have thought?
    Mail order places (online stores) generally have the lowest pricing for such things-
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    thanks for that so a groupset contains everything i need shifters cables cogs ect?
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    volvine wrote:
    thanks for that so a groupset contains everything i need shifters cables cogs ect?

    Groupset =

    Rear derailler
    Front derailler
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    Hi The groupset is also available here and the price is €459, thats about £340. Greetings Ademort
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    thanks for that
    my current bike is a BIANCHI which has campag mirage gearing which i think have had there day will i notice a massive difference if i put the shimano ultegra gearing on it the bike is great frame wise and i purchased some new wheels last year instead of a new bike would you just change the gears??????
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    [quote="volvine"my current bike ... has campag ... will i notice a massive difference if i put ... shimano ... on it ...[/quote]
    Can. Worms. Open.

  • hello before the whole campag shimano thing blows up,i'm pretty sure that your current wheels will not work with the ultegra gearing, the cassette probably won't fit so you will need to either budget for new wheels or go for a campag groupset
    what wheels did you buy? do you like the feel of the campag levers? how worn is it? the campag stuff is fairly interchangeable so you could simply replace a few bits and pieces and then save the rest to put towards a new bike as well. if you have your heart set on a new groupset what about the centaur one you can have triple and keep your wheels
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    thanks for that is the centaur the equvalant of ultegra??????
  • Hello
    yes just about, centaur is about ultegra spec, if you like the shape and look of the campag levers this would probably be a good choice, having said that it depends how nice your frame and wheels are, you might be just as happy with veloce which is the next one down, i have veloce on my bike (old 8spd) and my fiance has veloce triple on hers (new 10spd triple) and it shifts very nicely indeed, having said that my next bike will have centaur compact carbon.
    what exactly is your frame (and wheels)? veloce is usually on bikes around the £1000 ish mark (i think) and centaur 1200+ usually (someone will no doubt be along to correct me), i wouldn't go too overboard with the upgrades, the difference might just pay for something else or go towards a new toy.

  • The other thing is how knackered is your current groupset? Are the sprockets and/or other parts actually worn or broken? Or does it just feel dirty and 'tired'? It might be worth stripping everything down, giving everything a good clean and replacing your cables. You will be amazed at how shiny and new you can get everything looking/working with a bit of elbow grease.

    Having said that... don't let me put you off buying a new groupset if you actually want something new and a bit better anyway even if you don't 'really' need it. :) I spend half my life wondering about how to squander my hard earned cash on groovy upgrades for my bike that will probably make little to no difference to how I ride. All part of the fun in my book...
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    With the strength of the ££ and weakness of the $$, you should find some bargains here:
    ( 1 British Pound = 1.975 US Dollars).... a '2fer' ... =1&minor=5