Clipless pedals - again!!

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Stanley222 wrote:
Are they really much better than cage/straps?
Yes................once you get the hang of them.

Some clipless systems (ie Shimano SPD with MTB shoes) are better for walking around in than the majority of road systems. If your commute features much wheeling the bike around, I'd look at those first.

I've always found Look's classic Delta system to be fine for me, and pedals, shoes and cleats are all reasonably priced. Not much good if you need to walk far though.


  • For beginner pedals, try speedplay light action or keo easy models.

    I strongly suggest double sided pedals for beginners however...
  • You could buy a pair of these Wellgo pedals, cheaper than Shimano.


    or these Shimano which may be better quality


    Both available from wiggle, have a look in their road and mtb pedal sections.

    You can use normal shoes and cycling shoes with them as they are double sided.
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    That's what I went for, as you say it's really useful being able to use normal shoes for a quick ride.

    Although I must get used to the SPDs... :oops:
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  • You mentioned you wanted inexpensive ones, what is your priority, money saved or size of pedal?

    You are uncertain about whether or not to go down the 'clip in pedal' route, these give you best of both worlds.

    Here's a more streamlined version of the same style of pedal, also from wiggle, more ex[ensive though.

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    I bought some shoes off ebay (risky, but worked out OK

    Then I bought Shimano 105s when I bought the bike.

    Saved some cash.

    Now I don't want to change the shoes or pedals

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