Which would you go for?

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Really need some advice. These two scotts are listed on ebay at the moment and I'm not sure which to go for Do I sit out the auction on this one

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Perfect-Custom-Bu ... dZViewItem

and see what it goes for. Or do I Get this one

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Scott-CR1-Pro-Ult ... dZViewItem

for £1500+p&P? What do you reckon? I have a limited (1500) budget.

The other option is to not get either and spend 1400 on a Storck Scenario 1.1 frame and forks and build a crazy bike over time.



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    Both have 5days + left, and I would expect that they will both exceed the £1500 mark....
  • go to a bike shop buy something new for 1500.

    You can be on a De Rosa for this much
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    I like bikes...

  • yeah the Storck would be great but my build would cost in excess of 3K If I were to get it where as if I opted for one of the above I could pretty much ride them as they are - eventually it'd all go Campy Record and either Ksyrium Premium Sls or R SYS - but as a starting point they might be good?

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    I think the first one has been on ebay a few times now - looks like a real nice bike.. but I am with what "Forum Expert" said.. I was going to buy of ebay and then went to ribble and got measured up and a bike built for me - I reckon buying off ebay is allright if your buying parts etc because you know exaclty what you want and the same with going to a shop and getting a bike built.. Both look like lovely bikes but could be tailored to someone elses needs etc?
  • yeah the second one is from a shop - brand new Ultegra and all that so I'm guessing its pretty much as stock as you would get from say EVans just with a nicer frame. The other one, I agree, could be more tailored to the seller.

    I'd love to get the Storck and build it but it's just such a lot of money for a frame that's not as light as the scotts are.

  • how about a colnago E1 frameset instead?

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    If you shop around you should be able to get a brand new Scott CR1 Pro for £1500 (even on 3 years interest free credit!!). So don't pay more for one!! :)
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    The first one (in Preston) looks very pretty! Personally I won't bid serious money on "private listings" because it is impossible to come to any judgement about false bidding. If know the "market value" and can collect, then worth taking it to say 1250 and if win but any doubts when see it, walk away.

    The Sherwood Pines one might be ex-one of their sponsored riders. I've never heard owt bad about the shop.
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    £1500 will get you a Wilier Mortirolo - IME there's no better investment!