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landrangerlandranger Posts: 220
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Hello all, first time poster here. Read a lot but not posted.

To the nitty gritty, I want to buy a hardtail. I haven't been MB'ing for probably 10 years and don't want to spend more than 500 quid if I can help it.
I'm looking for a nice ride (aren't we all arf arf) and something that will be good to upgrade for years to come. So far I've only managed to take a spin in a car park on a Hardtail and a Rockhopper. To be honest, because I haven't rode a bike in anger for so long I don't know what to 'feel', a bike would be a bike and I'd just get on with it!

I've narrowed down using the forums here and the reviews. What I need is honest opinion. I know some of the bikes I've been looking at most people won't of ridden so go with what you feel. It's my hard earned cash I'm entrusting to you guys!
Oh yeah, and I'd be riding to work on it across park and road and XC work and general pratting about in the countryside :roll:

My choices are (in no particular order) : Rockhopper Disc ... 4827?img=6 Avalanche Disc 1.0 ... y-08-28606 Focus Fat Boy ... disc-28923 Hardrock Pro Disc ... 0-08-28926 Genesis Core 1.0

Any comments greatly recieved or any other suggestions :D
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  • tmgtmg Posts: 651
    For that money your not going to get the much in the way off feel, plus your riding style will be different to everyone elses so you will need to adapt the bike to suit you when you've ridden for a while.

    For that money concentrate on the frame as that will probably be with you the longest, upgrade wheels, cranks etc. as and when they break or when you have the cash. Out of that list I'd get the Rockhopper Disc
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    You pointed out the core 10. For an extra 60, as opposed to the usual 150 you can upgrade to it here

    Or you could stick with the core 10 for less-

    only 380 to the usual 450

    These are both designed for uk conditions and have a very nice spec even at full price.
    Also theyre a local bike shop in heir area and arent going to mess you about like wiggle should any problems arise.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Have a look at the What Bike thread
  • Thanks for the replies.
    I have indeed read the What Bike thread and that's why I'm all a dither :shock:

    Thanks to TMG cos the frame is whats more important to me. I want that to outlast everything else I suppose and upgrade round it.
    Monies tight and I just want the best spec for my money to start with and the longevity of a good frame to upgrade around.

    I take your point with the feel, it'll just be a lot of LBS hunting to see whats what.
    I have no other mates into MB'ing and no one I can ask so you guys are my only help, I have no idea whats a good set of gears or shocks either for a start. It's all so confusing being a novice! lol

    Tanks guys, keep posting . . . . :D
    Sink the eight ball. Buy the lady a drink. And nobody knows my name.
  • tmgtmg Posts: 651
    Like anything the more you pay the better the spec of kit

    Forks Wise = Rock Shox or Fox (look for Air Sprung as they are lighter than coil)
    Drivetrain (Crank, F/R Der) = Shimano, goes Deore, LX, XT, XTR (I Think!)
    Cassette = Sram or Shimano, my pref is Shimano
    Chain = Again Sram or Shimano, my pref is Sram
    Brakes = Avid Juicy Hydraulic or Formula Oro

    Best thing to do is go and try a couple of bikes, if you have an Evans nearby go there as they have a good range normally you can test ride. Better still if you can get yourself to one of the upcoming Demo Days then you'll be able to try the bikes and talk to the folks at the event to get some pointers.

    I started with buying a Rockhopper Pro Disc a couple of years ago, the only thing left on it from original is the Frame, which is going soon.

    Have a look around for an 07 model, might give you a bit of extra cash to buy a couple bits of kit. If you do buy an 08 model make sure you get them to throw in some other stuff you'll need for free
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