Looking to Upgrade -- Am I Just Being Lazy???

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Hi All,

I purchased a Schwinn Super Sport about 6 months ago to begin commuting to work and I did it for a while, stopped for a while, and now I'm looking to get back into it again. This time however, I feel I'm in need for an upgrade. That's where I need help.

There's a couple things I feel uncomfortable with on the bike.

1. The seat sits too low compared to the handlebars.
2. The derailleurs constantly need to be tuned.
3. I feel like it is horribly slow to climb with.

I have never ridden a nicer bike before, so I don't know if these feelings are validated. Am I just being a lazy bum and looking for a reason to buy a new bike or are these things really going to be upgraded if I purchased a nicer used bike for around the same price.

Also, if you feel I should, I've seen a couple bikes in my local craigslist and I didn't know if you would have any recommendations.

I've seen a 1990 Trek 1400, a 2006 Felt F90, a 1990 Bridgestone Synergy RB2, and a couple others. Would those be a viable upgrade or do you have any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance!


  • Never analyse why you want to buy a new bike. Just do it! :lol:
    Titanium Bertoletti
  • Some cheaper alternatives could be;

    1 Raise you saddle (or just check that it's at the correct height anyway)
    2 Get the gears looked at by your LBC as it could be a minor problem
    3 Lose weight / get fitter / both

    However buying a new bike is just so much nicer than any of them!
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