£500 - £700 105 groupset, carbon forks advice needed!

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What can i buy for £500 - £700 with 105, 9speed, triple chainring and carbon forks help!


  • redddraggon
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    Second hand only probably, I think you may struggle to get 9spd 105 new.

    You could get Focus Variado - 10spd 105 for £700. It's not a triple but a compact though.
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  • John C.
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    You don't give much information on what you want the bike to do, but given that you want a triple I surmise that you are not after an all out racer. If you want a Jack of all trades, have a look at the Kenesis Racelight, you can choose your own spec. but you should just about get Tiagra for the money you have. Built up with mudguards and pedals mine weighs about 21 lbs, it has rack mounts, space for 28c tyres and I've done several 150 mile days on it. The only down side is it requires deep drop brakes which are not as good as the more usual shallow drop.

    As a bonus, there are not that many about so it's a bit different, and viewed from the back the lines are to die for.

    Cycling + gave it a good write up and said it was good enough to race, just by taking off the mudguards.

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  • Brian B
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    You can get ultegra groupset but it is a compact and from Dave Hinde shop who has been given a fair amount of abuse on this Forum(and others) and from the Net in general.

    However check it out.

    http://davehinde.veriovps.co.uk/Merchan ... 5c9ba7930e
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  • morrisje
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    You can get a Planet x Superlight Team with 105 for about £700
  • ribble probably, get a lot of snobby abuse on this forum, but bikes seen ok for grneral use.
  • Giant SCR1 available w/ 10 speed 105 and all the rest of the spec
  • You can get a Planet x Superlight Team with 105 for about £700

    Do you have to ring up for that price morrisje? I could only see superlight teams for £875. . . . .