A 'real' Century?

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Hi All

Just wondering, apart from the 100 miles, what qualifies as a century.

For example - If I ride 50 miles down to the coast have lunch and ride home I'd say I'd ridden two half centuries as I'd broken the ride up.

Are real centuries measured as non stop rides?

Just curious before I start patting myself on the back for a century that I haven't ridden.


  • ash68
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    well IMO what you describe is a century ride. Don't think many people would do 100 miles without stopping for some sort of food stop. It may be just having a cereal bar at the side of the road or a couple of ham rolls and a cup of tea in a cafe.As long as it's completed in the same day and you don't go home mid ride to me it counts ok. Others may of course disagree. :lol:
  • John C.
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    In my book that's a century :D Well done

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  • andy_wrx
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    If I ride to work and then ride home again at night, that counts as two rides not one, because I'll have had a shower and got changed, done a day's work, had lunch, etc and then got changed back again to ride home : a second trip

    So if you rode to the coast, had lunch, booked into a hotel for a few hours sleep, had tea and then rode home again, that might count as 2 x 50

    But if all you do is stop for lunch in a caff and then ride back, that's fine, a Century - well done !
  • niblue
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    100 miles in a day is a century in my book (although 100 miles in 24 hours might not be).
  • heavymental
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    Course it counts Sean, don't be so hard on yourself!
  • phreak
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    How about a nights rest in between? :lol:
  • sean65
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    Not as tough as I thought. Have to start keeping tabs on my times. And maybe plan the ride with a serious tailwind. :wink: