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Hi all - i am new to this forum manly heare to find out about long distance bike rides and other nutty stuff



    Greetings where you from?
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  • Hi,
    I am also new here. I want to get into riding a bike again and would love to go on some off road rides. Currently i'm getting myself used to the bike by riding into work every day.
    I live in Leeds and would love to explore the Yorkshire Moors by bike. I also have a car and plan on getting a carrier so that I can explore other places, such as the lakes, Scotland, Peak District etc.
    Would love to hear from anyone that wouldn't mind me tagging along to a ride or offering good routes etc.

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  • Hi I am not as new as you. Welcome. Make sure you have a good look through threads before you post questions, it can get a bit lively in here if you don't do a bit of looking around yourself, as I'm sure it does with lots of other forums!
  • Hi I am from basingstoke and am planning to go from farnham to penzanth in the summer with a fue mates.

    Also - thancks for the forum advice.
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