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im planing on having a bike built,ive got my eye on an isaac impulse or wilier izoard frame & forks . im 6ft tall and a muscular 14.5 stone any ideas? :
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  • girofan
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    Depends what you are going to use it for dcab.
    If sportives and general riding why not a Specialized Tarmac/Roubaix. If you are racing why not a nice bike from LBS with components that are adequate, but not expensive, just in case you have a 'stack-up' during a race?
    I realise how nice some of these continental bikes are though and the Isaac range with top gruppos can make one salivate at the thought, but it's your money and we all work towards our dreams.
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  • acorn_user
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    If you are looking for a general/sportive bike, you ought to look at some of the modern steel bikes around. They are great value for money, and many ride really nicely. Even a cheaper model, like the Surly Pacer, is a lovely ride.
  • Isn't frameset one word?

    Frame set is when you bend those chain & seat stays back into shape... :twisted: