First ride in three weeks.

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Got my new specialized allez three weeks ago today but due to rain, visiting relatives, no lights and mum in hospital with a stroke (doing good now thanks) other than riding 6 miles from the bikeshop to home I've not used it.

So I've just come back from an hour and ten mins and twenty miles on one of my usual road routes that I've used my halfords hack hybrid thing on.

My timings are virtually the same as the old bike, but as this is a "getting used to the gears, riding position and feel of things" and after a six weeks since any twenty mile plus rides I know I'll improve.

I love it and am back in the saddle - roll on spring, lighter evenings and roll off a stone by Easter! (2lbs a week!)
......heading for the box, but not too soon I hope!


  • Excellent, well done. Glad your mum is doing well.
    I haven't ridden in 2 weeks as I cannot shift this cold :(:(
  • Rich Hcp
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    Glad your mum is improving.

    Went out yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks, took the MTB because of the muddy roads (Don't like getting the Allez dirty!)

    Nearly killed me, cold and hard work, but felt better afterwards


    Giving it Large
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    Ah! Spring. Reminder that British Spring starts on June 21st and ends June 22nd.
    British Summer starts July 1st, ends July 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:
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  • John C.
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    Just done Boltby Bank, first time in 3 weeks, God it nearly killed me. Yes I know I was on my winter 40 lb ( weight training ) hack , but it still should have been easier than it was. I suppose it proves what we say around here if you want strength head for the hills. So with the Fred Witton etc. getting closer you know where to find me.

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