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Rock Shoxs for GT Pentara

edited February 2008 in XC and Enduro
Hello the GT experts, I've got a GT Pentara, 1996 vintage and am looking to upgrade the front end with Rock Shoxs. The Judy model is looking good at the moment.
But from a technical point, what size steerer should I be looking at, diameter and length??
Also what maximum travel of forks is good these days. Many thanks... Frank


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Mmm, nice bike, very similar to my Zaskar LE (1996) as in the pic.

    The diameter should be the same as mine, 1 1/8th inch. Hopefully you are running a threadless (Aheadset) heasdset. Steerer length depends on headtube length, headset stack height, stem, spacers... best way is to measure the old one! New forks come with the steerer uncut in most cases, so you chop to size.

    The frame was designed around 63mm of travel. 80mm works fine, 100 is definitely pushing it unless its a particularly low height for its travel.

    Judy is not made anymore - and the last ones were a lot heavier than the older ones. What is your budget?
  • You could buy some reba's and get them spaced down to 80mm

    Or maybe some very sexy white fox ones...
  • Many thanks for the tech info guys, will have a wander round the market place to see what I can find. Regards ....
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