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OT - Any reps north of London looking for a new job?

JohnclimberJohnclimber Posts: 92
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I've no say in the hiring and firing in my company, so it's no use sucking up to me.

My boss has tried several agencies and had limited success, but he's having 3 candidates who have just had their first invterview back for a second interview with his boss in 2-3 weeks time.

The role, selling hose's, hose carts, timers, micro irrigation products and other irrigation products directly to Garden Centres, Builders Merchants, Internet Mail Order Companies and Farm Supply Outlets etc.

The brand isn't an household name here in the UK and there are many lazy buyers out there who need breaking down (so it's not an easy ride) but it's the 2nd biggest in Europe with only a tiny representation here in the UK.

The area is big - South Lincolnshire and the South East (East of Andover I guess) So living close to the centre of this area will also help.

If you think you fit the bill or fancy a change, reps/account managers from the said trade would be good but long service is important as well as it's a strong family company. send me your CV's (in confidence) and I'll forward them on to him.

Any questions please email me or just email me your CV and a covering note to johnmoore200 @ (no spaces)

Ta John

PS I'm away from my PC until tomorrow night (Friday), so I won't be able to reply back to you to say I've recieved it until then.

PPS, there is no company car but it's financed well enough to afford bike bits as well as running a car (but don't tell the boss I said that)

PPPS It will be great to work with someone who doesn't fall asleep as soon at you mention the word bikes ;-)


  • Only a couple of interesting emails so far.

    Anyone else? We need them in by Wednesday for an interview the week after
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