Cycling clobber for the larger cyclist

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Been searching for a friend :oops:

Okay okay I'm a bit on the portly size and I've been looking for myself.

for Italian road bikewear and

for road and mtb/touring gear from USA, deliver globally and reasonably priced if its good gear even allowing for postal charges.


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    What exactly is it youre looking for?
    Altura do some great stuff and i bet its a good sight cheaper than the stuff their. They go up to xxl in most things.
    Although how could you beat the stylish and design oriented italians?

    Altura Stuff-
  • Just looking in general really, there have been a couple of threads I've read where people are asking about cyclewear for the larger rider.

    Altura jackets go up to XXXL, bought a Nevis jkt last week from wiggle.

    Some of the stuff on the Prendas site looks good if you want the 'look' but some of its pricey.

    Suppose cycling is appealing to the massives as well as the masses :lol:
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    There's something going on with sizing of cycling clothes - it's a devious ploy to make us feel huge! I always knew I was larger than average, standing at 6ft and fairly solid build, but when I started trying on women's cycling clothes, I felt like........well, like my picture of she-hulk - about to burst jersey's at the seams!
    I buy mens cycling clothes now and even some of those (the assos stuff) are xxl! I've found the guides on wiggle to be quite accurate so I have ordered quite a bit from them and haven't had to send anything back.
    You're not big - the sizes are all wrong!!!! well, I'm sticking to that excuse. :lol:
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    When I first got into cycling I got drawn into the trap of buying the same size stuff as I wear for my other sport (Rugby). I found that an adidas medium windproof cycling jacket wouldn't even zip up whereas I've been wearing medium adidas rugby shirts with armour and baselayers underneath for years. I've even got rugby shirts in size small, but I'm finding that if I'm lucky I'll fit into large jerseys and jackets.

    It must just be that the stereotypical cyclist is a skinny runt, and I'm a stereotypical (but relatively short) hooker/backrow forward.
    I like bikes...

  • Likewise - although being 6'2" with a slightly bulky frame, I have to buy massive cycling stuff. Until I purchased a Helly Hansen large under shirt top thing which seems to be sized for americans - it's huge!!!!
    Has the head wind picked up or the tail wind dropped off???
  • And I'm just a fat b*****d :lol::lol: