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Best offroad lights £200-£250? HID or LED?

eds2000eds2000 Posts: 4
edited February 2008 in MTB buying advice
Hey everyone, just looking for some advice.
I am wanting to buy some lights. Mainly going to be used for mixture of single track and fire-road riding so ability of changing between light output would be good. Would also like to use them for some overnight races so battery life is important.
Initially these are for my handlebars and I will think in the future of getting a light to mount on head.
Any advice appreciated, thanks.


  • Not tried them myself but the ayup lights get great reviews elsewhere - you'll get a bar and helmet light for under £250 and they've just released a new version for 08 which solves the only real criticism I've seen of them (lack of on/off switch).

    I'm thinking of getting a set myself.
  • Cheers - yep, they look like good lights and have great reviews. Only thought might be the lumens that they emit.
    Thanks for the tip though.
  • SplasherSplasher Posts: 1,528
    LEDs are now brighter than HIDs and use less power, hence less battery weight. An HID emits around 450 lumens if that helps your decision.
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  • Cheers

    Yeah just been looking in to it more and think the way forward is LEDs. Just need to see what there is for my budget.
  • hope vision 2 led gets my vote, endurance battery pack (2 batteries instead of one) for about £200
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