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any good?

~Adam~~Adam~ Posts: 65
edited January 2008 in MTB buying advice ... ryrn_90909

im just starting out on dirt and street and i have a tight budget so i was wondering if this will be worth buying? it looks strong and tough enough to me but i just wanted your views.


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Not bad, but if you want it to work, dont get Halfords to build it up. If youre anywhere near halifax theres these guys who'll build one up for you and who are qualified to do so.

    Also they wont make you wait a fortnight before you can collect it and any future work will be carried out asap, not in months like halfrauds.
    Also check if youre wanting the 07 or 08 model. The 07 has no suspension whereas the 08 has some rst forks. Personally id sitck with the 07.
  • ~Adam~~Adam~ Posts: 65
    haha i know what you mean, i learned that the hard way a few years ago with a bmx, i know a few lads there thats why i go there, i tell them to just leave it boxed and i do it myself lol. ahh yea i noticed the 08, its the same price as the 07 so it cant be much better. it doesnt have disc mounts, is there any decent rim breaks that you recomend?
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