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Headsets HEADSETS!!

stoobydalestoobydale Posts: 535
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I am fitting a new headset to my winter bike a Bianchi via nirone. It is a semi integrated type, i have knocked the bearing cups out and am now at a bit of a loss. FSA used to have on their website all the specs of the headsets, this is not now available. I think that the cups on mine are the deep type (appros 12mm from face to face outer) I was wondering if it is possible to fit a headset with shallow cups without doing any damage. Obviously the chamfered face of the cup would not reach the internal chamfer of the headtube, but would this be a problem?
PS i am looking at FSA Z and ZS 3 Cane Creek ZSC 1 and ZS 2 headsets. Is there any other compatible manufacturers?
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