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Assos Climajet

grazergrazer Posts: 131
edited January 2008 in Workshop
Anyone tried one of these?? I was thinking of getting one??



  • grimpeurgrimpeur Posts: 230
    I'm had a couple and they are decent jacket which pack light and small enough to be carried all the time. It is also pretty breathable.

    I would not regard them as a complete waterproof solution as on really wet days you will get wet under the jacket but it will keep you warmer. For a proper waterproof solution you really need Gore Paclite or something similar but it will never pack down as small.
  • andypandyp Posts: 8,711
    I'd agree with grimpeur, a decent jacket that is very breathable as waterproofs go but which won't keep out the worst of the weather. I use mine for 3 seasons; spring, summer and autumn.

    One word of caution - it'll not stay pristine for very long. :(
  • grazergrazer Posts: 131

    i dont really want a full waterproof solution, just something to keep a shower out and which will pack down nice and small

    could be a goer
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