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Goodridge hoses for 2008 XT brakes

artillerydaveartillerydave Posts: 715
edited January 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
anyone know what model number kit for the goodridge hoses is used to upgrade the new XT Servowave brakes? I think it is the 104 model with straight connectors on either end however thought I would check first. It doesn't list on Goodridges web site. :?


  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    would that actually be an "upgrade" though? i thought mineral oil brakes don't really suffer from songy feel so won't need heavier? steel cables?

    on their catalog it says 107? for xt so maybe that one?
  • had previous Shimano LX brakes and fitted Goodridges to them and could notice an improvement so do think it is an upgrade, weight is not really an issue for me. 107 has a banjo fitting which these brakes do not have so I don't think it is the one. Might give Goodridge a call and see if they know.
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