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what is a marin novato good for??

trimtramtrimtram Posts: 11
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helpfull answers please


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
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    Commuting. but change out the tyres and it will make a fair MTB.

    Re the sus fork contact Marin for the travel that can be used. as there are not Axel to crown length in the tec specs but the fork does look to be sus. corrected and the head angle is not too slack.
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  • I use my novato for commuting, i love it but have upgraded it to basically a Point Rayes over the last few years. Now it comes with discs as standard so is a better spec than it used to be.

    If i remember correctly the axle to crown length is 400 - 420 mm (although mine is an '04) I had to swap my front fork for a kona project 2 in order to fit discs.

    I certainly wouldn't ride this bike offroad, even with a change of tyres - it is alsolutely rigid, you will shake your teeth out!

    hope this helps
  • thanks for reply
    i probably hav'nt ridden a bike for ten years and bought a novato,
    i wasn't sure what sort of riding i wanted to do.

    i have been going to llandegla and loving it.
    ive put discs on, as i wore the rims out in about two sessions.
    and am looking for sus forks.

    but you wouldn't use this machine off road? should i change bike ??
    i'm not arguing with you, but the chain/seat stays are 'tri burner' which appear on the
    £1000 marin bikes.

    to be honest i'm not sure what to do with the bike.
    your input is very much appretiated.
    i tried one of the mags but didn't get a reply!
  • What I mean is the bike is very rigid, if you compare it to a bike with suspension it is like night and day. If you swopped a sus fork onto it though it would be fine.

    I guess a lot if this come down to what you usually ride on, if you only do towpaths etc then you can probably live with the rigid fork.
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