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New cassette

bigmatbigmat Posts: 5,111
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I'm about to buy some lightweight wheels, mainly for climbing as I'm doing the etpe in July. I will need to buy a cassette and wondered if anyone had any advice on what I should go for. I am running Campagnolo 9 speed. At the moment I have a 12-23 cassette, which is generally OK - it got me up the Joux Plane, for example, although I did long for a couple more gears at times. Ideally I'd be looking for maybe a 26 tooth cog, but the only campag cassettes I can find with more than a 23 are 13 tooth small rings which I don't fancy - 12 is bad enough when you're pushing it. I've seen that SRAM do an 11-26 which sounds perfect, would this be compatible with campag?




  • GarybeeGarybee Posts: 815
    SRAM won't fit on a Campag splined hub.

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  • araceraracer Posts: 1,649
    You can get custom ratios from Marchisio (couple of threads on here about those - do a search).
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