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Chain skip

edzeplinedzeplin Posts: 4
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Hi, i fitted a new sram chain a few days ago and i now have a severe case of chain slip. Im using an 8 speed shimano cassette which is virtualy new and my deore derailler is fine. I also have a Da Bomb chain guide which doesnt seem to be interfering with the chain at all. I initially thought the chain was too long so i have removed 4 links but that doesnt seem to have done alot. Shifting up or down the gears is normal. Any ideas?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    what chain? 4 links is that the correct amount? read park tools about sizing chains.

    also what is the rest of the kit and what else have you changed and why did you change the chain in the first place?
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  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    What is the model number of the Sram chain? PC 38,48 & 58 work on 8spd set ups & PC 951,971 & 991 are 9spd chains.

    If the cassette is almost new that shouldn't be the problem, unless the old chain was very badly worn & wore the cassette to match.
  • The chain is a pc 890. Cassette is probably a cheap shimano. My original chain snapped.
  • SpeersSpeers Posts: 5
    Might be time to replace the chain rings and or cassette. Does it slip in all gears or what?
  • Yep, all gears are slipping. Cassette looks good. Iv also cut chain to the same size as the original.
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