dark peaks for beginners

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hi, i need some tips for places to go in the darkpeaks for hardcore xc/downhill.
something that won't be too hard, but still testing.
the reason is that 8 or 9 of us are going up in a week or two, of which 4 of us have been to Wales and done quite a bit of downhill before, and some of us have not...

so is there anywhere that would be good for beginners that would help progress us to take on the bigger, badder rides?


  • kenone
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    Hey albo check this out homeslice

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0954 ... sib_rdr_dp if you look through the pages there is a shed load to do up there, best be bookin that time off work me thinks......
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  • Bikedevil
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    The Dark peak happens to be my old back yard... the Hope Valley in particular.

    Get an OS map and make a route up is the best advice for the place because there really is so much stuff. Behind Castleton is a decent called Cavedale which is one big long rock garden! :D There is also a route that goes from behind Slippery stones out at Derwent & Ladybower reservoirs.
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