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TRAX Turbo Skewers

scwxx77scwxx77 Posts: 1,469
edited January 2008 in Workshop
I'm changing the back skewer between the one provided with my TRAX trainer then back to the original for when I go out on the road. It's just occured to me that this might be a big waste of time. Is it ok to use the TRAX turbo skewers for road riding?

I'm fully prepared to be called an eijit for doing this so don't hold back :)
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  • pedylanpedylan Posts: 768
    You mean a Tacx trainer?

    The skewer is slightly modified to fit in the connecting cups of the trainer i.e. a larger head on both the quick release side and securing nut on the other end. Standard skewers don't fit the trainer well enough to keep the bike secure.

    Apart from that there is no difference between standard and trainer skewer. i never change mine and it's done a couple of thousand road miles.
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  • scwxx77scwxx77 Posts: 1,469
    Thanks for the reply. Yes a probably do mean Tacx. That will be one less reason to avoid my turbo then.
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  • McHattieMcHattie Posts: 146
    I leave my Tacx skewers in, and haven't noticed any problem.
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