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New bike.. at last!

BlundellBlundell Posts: 308
edited January 2008 in MTB general
Now then fine folks... Got my new bike at the weekend nafter waiting about 2 months for it. I think it was worth the wait though!
What do you guys think?

First impressions when riding it were that it was great to ride, back end complian but it has a savage turn of pace.. not to dissimilar to my klein... but you can get away with higher tyre pressures.


  • Blundell - I'm in love. Your own build? How much? I'm nosy 'gis a run down of spec as well. :lol:
    I hate it when people say David Beckham's stupid...its not like anyone ever says: 'Stephen Hawking - he's s**t at football.' Paul Calf
  • BlundellBlundell Posts: 308
    Na it wasn't custom... I had a long look at the frame sizes and as I love the sizing on my scale frame I wanted something like that. Fortunately the small frame was almost identical to the scale one.. so I went for that hoping to get it sooner. Seems like the Americans turn off for Crimbo before us Brits do... or there were pirates on the high seas!

    XTR all over, CK headset, Ritchey other stuff, decided not to go down the route of CF as I reckon the frame should be able to absorb some of the trail 'buzz'. Mavic crossmax sl wheels.. though I ought to try something different than what's on me other bikes.
    Went out on it 3 times in 24 hrs over the weekend... that's why I was knackered for footy on monday (any excuse!).
    Generally speaking I don't really like the first ride with new bikes as you have to start that refinement process all over again so so as the bike fits like a glove. It rode almost as nicely as my scott, I'm sure that with abit of tweaking it can ride even better!

    Can't wait for the snow at the end of the week!!!!!
  • Sweet. You can't beat the classic lines of a well made hardtail can you?

    Have fun in the snow buddy. You're going to have calves like bowling balls if you keep riding like that! :lol:
    I hate it when people say David Beckham's stupid...its not like anyone ever says: 'Stephen Hawking - he's s**t at football.' Paul Calf
  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    That is simply stunning - enjoy it (well sounds as if you have been)

    A class apart..... 8)
  • SqcloudSqcloud Posts: 11
    Whoa!! Awesome!! YOu built that??

    If you need a mountain bike buying guide, just tell me ok..
  • GT DestroyerGT Destroyer Posts: 1,719
    Looks very nice mate - I'd recommend the Ritchey stuff on there to anyone.
  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    That's a very tasty looking frame!

    I saw somebody with one of those in my local Halfords (of all places) about a month ago, titanium just looks classier than other frame materials somehow, in my opinion.
  • ashleymp777ashleymp777 Posts: 1,212
    That's hot!!!!

    Wait a mo! Just seen all your other bikes as well! How much do you spend a year :P
  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    WOW! :shock: :shock:

    That is one awesome looking bike AND it's a proper hardtail too :D

    Think it might have the same fork as mine (or very similar) but there the comparison stops!

    Lovely lovely bike.
    What sized frame?

    Looks smallish so it would probably even fit me too!
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  • BlundellBlundell Posts: 308
    Thanks for yo input folks! Yeah I know I've fallen on this build pretty spot on!
    Just been out on it... fantsatic... got that bit of float that no of my other bikes have.. even me anthem! I was unsure about the 80mm fox forks at the front, I was more tempted for the 100mm that are like the ones on me scott.. but I have to say they are pretty snazzy.

    Sqcloud.. na mate I didn't make it Got Mosquito bikes to make it for me... If I'd have put it together.. well it just woulnd't have happened!

    Ashley... yeah I have abit of a sickness.. almost as bad as cheesey man :lol:
    However your savoury bike looks pretty darn hot!

    Matteeboy.. dude it's a small frame.. I'd be stretched out like Graham Obree or whatever his name was on a medium... or I'd be as far off the ground as on a penny farthing! :lol:
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