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I am minutes away from buying these wheels but I have either rightly or wrongly been reading reviews about the wheels and there seems to be a recurring theme with the Neutron Ultras.

They are apparently good, solid wheels, light, great for climbing but really difficult to when it comes to replacing tyres.

I appreciate that relacing tyres can be somewhat difficult when they are new. So, for those that own these wheels, could you please tell me if you have had the same experiences?

Also could someone please tell me why some wheels (like this one) need rim tape and not others? Whats its purpose?

My LBS is recommending this over the Eurus given my low weight. But I remain undecided due to the tyre replacement issue. The cost is almost identical so I'm really confused about what to do. I know many others on the forum have been too but this doesn't seem to have cropped up yet...or of course I could just be worrying about the silliest thing?

many thanks for your thoughts.


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    My LBS is recommending this over the Eurus given my low weight. But I remain undecided due to the tyre replacement issue.

    You'd have the same tyre fitting problem with the Eurus wheels, they are both Campag rims.

    They are good wheels, I've got them on my Red and Black stealth machine (see sig).

    Go for the Ultras.
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  • So it's a rim issue then reddragon? I've been riding Mavics for so long that I just figured that replacing tyres would involve the same degree of effort irrespective of the rim.
    They are selling them for a ridiculously low price so I bet you can understand why I want them.
  • redddraggon
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    Good wheels, but they are difficult to get tyres onto, but it's something ALL campag wheels suffer from, not just the Neutron Ultras.

    Get them. You'll get the tyres on, you could always get a crankbrothers speed lever to help you get them if you struggle.



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  •'re convincing me......nice pics by the way.
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    never had a problem with my zondas tbh, big strong hands though! :lol:
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  • Took the plunge and should be expecting them early next week. Thanks to all who responded.
  • I've never had a problem with tyres on mine, I have Campag Proton's, Neutron Ultras, Hyperon Ultras, and older 8 speed Shamals, and all are p*** easy

    I do only ever use Vittoria CX clinchers, which are ultra supple and just fall on the rim

    I've never quite understood peoples problems on here getting tyres on and off, not saying they don't have a problem, but Vittoria/Campag is an excellent combination
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    I use Fulcrum 0's which are basically Campag too. Always were a bugger to fit tyres to until I tried the ContiGP4000S Black Chili tyres which were an absolute doddle to fit - strange considering the standard GP4000's were a right sod. Black Chili also happens to be the best tyre I've ever used!
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    I find my neutrons and vento's a swine to get tyres off - great and reliable wheels though. Thanks for the hints on tyres.