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Cannot fit new seat to seat post

Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
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I have just purchased a new carbon Arione for my my good summer bike but I cannot seem to fit it to my seat post which has an funny shaped clamp. The problem lies in that the seat post has a thick clamp which splits but I cannot get the top half to fit inside the seat.

My LBS could not get it to fit either and I had on the seat post a normal Arione before. Any suggetsions?

This is my seat post on my bike
Brian B.


  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Some seatclamps on seatposts can be like that. You'll get some spotty oik come along and fit it in 2 mins :oops:
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
  • Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
    Me and my bro used old fashoined brute force. With the carbon rails I was afraid to force it and so was my LBS incase they liable for breaking it but we did it just. It wont be able to come off now without me cutting the rails but luckily I use Ariones on all my bikes.
    Brian B.
  • munnsermunnser Posts: 64
    i thought i was going to be having same problem as you, i have ordered the use alien ti post, then i read on some other sites that it does not fit my aliante saddle! so i phoned use they said, it is only saddles with carbon rails that will not fit, ti rails are 7mm, carbon rails are 8mm. so brian thats maybe your problem.
    its all about the bike!!
  • Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
    Spot on Munnser. I compared my ariones and the carbon rail is much thicker. I have it on now so I am happy and it looks good.
    Brian B.
  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    Munnser you can get 8mm heads for your Alien cyclops. I'd add a link but my server is down
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