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DuraAce Chainset CompatibilityQuestions

grahamcpgrahamcp Posts: 322
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I presently have a 9-speed setup with Ultegra chainset (roughly 4-5 years old). I'm not sure as to BB thread type or length, but assume Italian thread as the frame is a colnago dream lux (alu). Have seen some good deals on DA chainsets on Wiggle and fancy an upgrade, but they are shown as 10 speed. So my questions are:-

1. Will the 10 speed DA chainset ( ... 20Chainset) be compatible with my otherwise 9-speed setup?

2. Am I correct in assuming that my colnago frame will have a 70mm italian thread?

3. Is there anything else I need to think about apart from having to purchase the appropriate bearing cups (axle length etc)?



  • Hi,

    1 Yes 10 speed chainset fine with 9 speed set-up

    2 No, you'll need to check the current BB to make sure.

    3. No, not as far as I know.
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  • grahamcpgrahamcp Posts: 322
    Thanks couscous.

    Next question then - how do I check the current BB? Is it a manual measurement or should it be stamped on somewhere?
  • Just bought one of the DA 10 speed chainsets from Wiggle as well. Have it for two bikes....a Tarmac SL with all 10 speed DA and it also goes onto a Madonne with 9 speed set up. With the new external bearings the swop takes little or no time and saves a fortune on chainsets. :D
    Seen lots of bike in the club with 10 speed chainsets esp compacts and SL's and DA's running with 9 speed systems.
  • grahamcpgrahamcp Posts: 322
    Just thought of something else...

    Will I need any special tools to install the DA BB/Chainset?
  • Hi,

    Re BB, I think either contact Colnago or if both sides unscrew the same way it's Italian, if that makes sense, otherwise it'll be on the BB.

    Yes you'll need some tools, see service instructions ... 605111.pdf
    "Racing is life, anything before or after is only waiting"
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