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Cant engage 5th gear on the back!

adoveradover Posts: 130
edited January 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Easy all, not sure whether this is an issue with cable tension or whatnot so I thought I'd ask u lot before diving in! Basically if I'm shifting up or down my gears never seem to engage in 5th, every other gear seems to work fine tho! On some occasions it does though, but straight away whilst I'm riding a track (usually 4x) it just slips in and out! Is this a cable tension issue or something else? cheers!


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    so how many cogs do you have on the back?
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  • adoveradover Posts: 130
    sorry, completely forgot to give all the details!!
    Got 9 cogs on the back running a sram x-7, single on the front with a dmr speedguide.
  • 1. clean inner cable if no joy then.....
    2. change inner cable if no joy then.....
    3. change outer.

    its very rare that SRAM mechs give up and shouldnt need to re-index SRAM that often

    had a similar problem on my X9, it just wouldnt shift down from the lowest gear. Culprit waas the outer had been damaged!
  • adoveradover Posts: 130
    So i take it to clean the inner I would have to mark the location where the cables clamped onto the mech before i take it all apart? Got any reccomendations on the best way to clean it? Cheers :)
  • Depends if your cable runs are exposed or if you have full cable outers?

    If exposed, let all the slack out at the shifter but hold the cable at the same time so no slack gets to the rear mech.
  • Changing the inner may seem daunting the first time you do it, but after that its as easy as riding a bike!

    1. Let all slack out from shifter by shifting to the smallest cog
    2. Undo anchor bolt on mech and remove old cable
    3. Put new cable in
    4. pull cable tight with pliers while fastening the anchor bolt
    5. Usually you shouldnt need to make any adjustments on the barrel at the shifter

    Thats the good thing about SRAM over Shimano, you hardly ever have to mess about with cable tension

    if you get stuck its all on Park Tools website
  • adoveradover Posts: 130
    spot on, I'll be having a go at that tonight when i get in!! Cheers for the advice :D
  • Spray some GT85 on a bit of kitchen roll and pull cable thorough then a light lube with chain lube
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    ok just to check again.

    the shifter is a Sram 9spd shifter?

    you only have problems with the 5th cog?

    if all the above is ok then a good cable clean and check there is no damage to the outer causing friction points.
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