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GT avalanche 1 or Giant xtc 4.5

impaulimpaul Posts: 5
edited January 2008 in MTB buying advice
Looking to get a bike after not having one for a few years. A friend has just bought the avalanche 2 and was happy with it but i was thinking either avalanche 1 or giant xtc 4.5 (or maybe an 07 3.5 if its still in the shop!)

Anyone got any opinions on these 2 bikes? they both seem a similar spec?

can't really venture over the £500 mark, i'll be haggling on the prices at £499 as it is! or if im lucky i mght still pick up an 07 model in either.



  • Both excellent bikes.

    I tried them both and ended up with an XTC because I didn`t like the very upright seating postion of the Avalanche,and at the time there were better deals to be had on the Giant which allowed me to trade up to a better spec XTC.

    Try them both to see what feels right for you,but its no coincidence that these 2 and the Rockhopper,are the most popular decent entry level bikes.

    I`ve had my XTC for 2 years now,and its been great.
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