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Advice on Heart Rate Monitors

CadmannUKCadmannUK Posts: 86
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Hi All,

My old Sigma PC14 died just before Christmas and the nice wifey got me a new Polar S725x as a Christmas present, well after two of them have gone back to Evans, I'm sort of thinking of something else.

I like the idea of the S725x, but after having two that were either non functioning or broke, I'm not so sure about the Polar brand. Most of the other guys in my club seem to have Polar and swear by them.

As I've now got to choose for myself, the ones I like the look of are as follows.

Polar S725x
Polar CS600
or the
Garmin Edge 305

What are the advantages of one over the other. I've read some good reviews of the 725 and the Garmin.

Anyone got any advice.....


**** No Mater which direction you start, its always against the wind coming back!! ****
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  • mcflask07 wrote:

    I was think along the lines of just having one device. A HRM and Cycle computer in one.


    **** No Mater which direction you start, its always against the wind coming back!! ****
    **** Guess RB1, Polar S725X Team Edition ****
  • yakkyakk Posts: 589
    Hi, I've got a VDO HC12.6 - bike computer & HRM in one. It doesn't have cadance, and can't be downloaded onto a computer, but it's been good and reliable, unless you drop it too many times. I think it's being phased out at the moment, so it's going at Chain Reaction for £38 posted (down from £50) - bargain if that's what your after.
    Re being phased out, I'm sure that VDO will continue to offer guarentees/repair service etc at least for the mo.

  • I've had similar problems with Polar, they always worked perfectly for my club mates, but mine always went wrong, even after waranty service etc.

    Despite the great features they have I've now decided I'm never going near the brand again, and have decided on the Garmin Edge 305

    Not got it yet, later this week, but it does seem a great combo of GPS and heart rate with great download features too, so defo worth a look
  • I've a Polar CS300 which has been great. I like the wrist or bar attachment as, a) I can use it the gym / spin, and b) i prefer it on the wrist for mountain biking and attached for road biking.

    At the end of the day they all do speed, time, distance and heart rate. Its then just a case of how much you're in to your gadgets - do you want something with loads of memory and options, or are you more a plain speed and rate type of person?

  • kenbaxterkenbaxter Posts: 1,251
    I've got the Polar CS200 cad which is great on features. BUT in the space of a week I've had to test the polar after sales twice - cadence sensor in box was dead, now problems with speed sensor at ranges greater than 2 inches!

    Great features but if I'd known I was in for all this hassle I wouldn;t have bothered. If it all eventually works (and stays working) it will be a good HRM/computer combo. But others here have had no issues.
  • willbevanwillbevan Posts: 1,241
    ive got a 305 (Forerunner not edge mind you, but same firmware) and best thing i ever bought, never had any problems with it, the HR monitor, the cadence monitor, the footpod, all worked flawlessly (Except when the battieres ran out , or i knowed the cadence sensor lol)
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