which chain connector

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chain with powerlink or chain with pin connector im thinking of getting a new chain with a powerlink connector or are chains with a pin connector better


  • redddraggon
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    KMC chains.
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  • Garybee
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    Powerlink (or equivalent) every time for me. There's no need for the faff of joining chains with a pin nowadays. KMC and SRAM both have their own version (I think KMC's is called missing link but I usually get them mixed up) but they are both the same to all intents and purposes.

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  • giant_man
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    I have joined my first chain, would you believe, with a powerlink on a SRAM chain and I have to say it was a doddle. I probably wouldn't have bothered if it was without one of these.
  • I used a sram powerlink on a new chain for the first time on Saturday and could not believe how easy it was.

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