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X309 POL Green hatch back - danger to all cyclists

GEPCGEPC Posts: 123
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A quick word of warning for all London cyclists especially those in the the Stockwell/Brixton area to keep and eye out for and then keep away from the c*nt driving the car mentioned above. Please excuse my language but I am still fuming after he deliberately cut me up then threatened me. I don't want to sound like some kind of social snob but lets just say I am not sure the gene pool was being stretched when he was concieved. You will recognise his car as its the green you wouldn't have chosen and its tricked up exactly like you wouldn't want to do it yourself. I honestly think he is a danger to all cyclists because he overtook me, cut me up and breaked heavily causing me to slam on the brakes. When the traffic moved and I tried to go past him he then tried to push me off the road (I got on the pavement) and threatened to "knock my f*cking head off" if I touched his wing mirrors.
The lights changed and so I waved him on but he actually pulled over after the lights and waited for me. I am glad to say that despite being pretty angry by now I avoided the confrontation as ultimately my life could not be any better by having any further contact with him. He carried on after a couple of minutes and then I went on my way.

If you see him, avoid him. If you see his car on a totally deserted street with no CCTV. Well I'd hate anything to happen to his tyres, wing mirrors, lights, front, rear and side panels. I would'nt usually say something like that but I take exception to pond life threatening me and trying to run me off the road.

Rant over - I feel better now!


  • dan..dan.. Posts: 16
    Well done for not smashing his wing mirror off, turning around and disappearing into the distance as fast as humanly possible! (I'm not entirely sure I'd be able to resist the temptation myself)
  • MithrasMithras Posts: 428
    1.Is there any CCTV on that stretch of road? If you are not sure take a look and find out!
    2. Could you describe the driver / recognise him again?
    3 Were there any independant witnesses?
    If you can answer yes too at least two of the above, ring the police on the non emergency number and create an incident. Go to your local police station and explain what has happened, quoting the incident number,if you can ask to speak to a traffic officer.
    See what they suggest (if the officer says there isn't much that can be done, he is probably right). However request that an officer speaks to the driver or make sure the behaviour of the driver is logged.
    Best reault. Prosecution of the driver for dangerous driving. Worst have provided police with a good bit of intelligence should numpty chops ever be involved in any other road rage or driving incident.
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  • chronyxchronyx Posts: 455
    He's not insured either, or using false plates.

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  • GEPCGEPC Posts: 123
    Steve - you are right that is exactly what I should do. I am fairly sure I would recognise him although it was all through a car window so would obviously be less confident if I just saw him in the street.
    I will have a look if there was any CCTV at that spot of the road. As for independant witness there may have been some but no one stopped and I didn't speak to anyone else.

    Chronyx - I would have put money on that being his plate but again in the heat of the moment I can't guarantee its was right. It was only at the last moment when he drove off I thought I wanted to remember his plate. But it wouldn't surprise me if he had no insurance. Might explain why he was so defensive about his beloved wing mirrors!

    What I am sure is that the man is the worst type of agressive driver. Dan your suggestion ran through my mind and if he had actually got out of his car he wasn't a big bloke and I am on the stocky side, but as I said ultimately the less I had to do with him the better. I was enjoying my ride home as usual before he made his entrance.

    We would all love the roads if there were'nt any cars on it but the bottom line is most drivers (and I am one myself sometimes) do their best to share the roads wtih the cyclists. This guy is an idiot and the roads would be better without him.
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