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double sided pedals ?

sibikesibike Posts: 257
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Hi, i currently use Specialized Sport MTB Shoes on my road bike . I want to change the pedals on my mountain bike ( just fitted slicks on it ) so i can use it on the road but would like to wear my specialized shoes but also wear trainers when i go off roading .Are there any double sided pedals out there that allow this ....thanks.


  • Have a look at wiggle and select mtb pedals, there are a few different kinds on there, I just bought a pair which have SPD clips on both sides but you can wear normal shoes with them as well as the clips recess into the pedal.
  • I have had the Shimano PD-M424, which are double sided SPD, but have a frame that you can use with trainers. They are fine (and very useful if you need to ride without cycling shoes on), perhaps a little slippery when it is wet. Very easy to clip into/out of, even with the cage and comfortable in normal shoes.

    There is a slightly more up market version, the PD-M545.
  • I use Shimano 424's, good in heavy traffic as you can make progress without having to 'clip-in' then when traffic permits, 'clip-in' and get away at a good speed.
  • RaphRaph Posts: 249
    The 424s look really nice, but I've used pedals very similar and not liked them. They may not have been quite the same in that the SPD bit protruded a lot from the cage so despite it being spring-loaded so supposedly it swivels out of the way, in trainers you always have a bump poking into your foot and slightly undermining your contact with the serrated cage unless you're wearing very soft trainers. The 424s look similar, though the SPD bit might not stick out as much as it appears to in the pic.

    "make progress without having to 'clip-in' " - I never found that possible with mine, the SPD cleat always found its way into the pedal, but as I say they were a different brand though similar design.

    I really like 324s and the alloy-cage equivalent, of which I can't remember the model number but still have a pair that are going strong after well over ten years. They have a cage one side and SPD the other. People have slagged them off a lot so they may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I find they always end up hanging the same way due to where the weight is, so I got used to slipping my foot in from behind to engage the SPD or approaching it from the front to flip onto the cage side. This means that by choosing the cage side I can avoid clipping in even with SPD shoes on when there's a tricky bit coming up where I might not want to be clipped in. In the heat of an off-road stunt the pedal spins about and you can't always engage the side you want - perhaps the reason for gripes, but I've not had problems in normal use, I usually anticipate a dodgy bit and prepare by getting my foot on the right side of the pedal.

    Overall, other comments here seem to favour the 424s... I might try them myself!
  • I have the 324's on my mtb (tho it's not a very good one), and they work nicely. On my roadie I have shimano A530's and they are just peachy.
    Rides a Cannondale Synapse 105.
  • RaphRaph Posts: 249
    Drooool. That looks absolutely superb.

    When they hang loose (as it were :) ) do they end up in the same position each time, meaning if you spin them do they come to rest in a position so you can choose which side you pick up without having to look down?

    The 324s come to rest vertically with the SPD facing backwards and the cage facing forwards so you can pretty much always reliably choose which side you want.

    PS those 530s look like they clear mud really well.
  • TBH i've never thought about how they hang, I assume they must be just off the vertical as (just like my 324's) i've never had any trouble getting the correct side for whichever shoe I'm wearing. First few times using them I was looking down to make sure I was getting it right, after that it just seemed to happen!

    Wouldn't know about mud... my roadie wouldn't go near such a thing :lol: , but, should one be so inclinded, yeah I would say even if they were pretty caked their is enough space that a swift tap with the shoe would see it pretty clean.
    Rides a Cannondale Synapse 105.
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