Decent start bike for less than £400

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Getting a bit board plugging 20 miles of mud on my mtb every weekend and have started looking at road bikes to cover serious miles (50+).

As I've already got 2 bikes money is tight so any suggestions? Upgrading in the future won't be a problem since I already know how to build bikes and wheels.
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  • il_principe
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    Well it's a tiny bit over budget but you won't go wrong with one of these: ... ado%202007

    I have the "Expert version" (same frame, better groupset) and it's a great bike, had it for over 2 years and not had 1 problem with it. Excellent VFM as well.
  • allaction
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    Why not consider a second hand bike. If you are mechanically minded you should be ok to change any worn bits and know what to look out for on a used bike. Will get more bang for your buck than a £400 'starter' bike. I have a Giant SCR3 which I have slowly upgraded with used bits off the 'bay and it's a nice bike to ride. These can easily be got new for well under your budget if new is what you're after.
  • willbevan
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    or you got the decathlon bikes, good vale for money if you live near a store where you can try one ... s-3963881/

    I ended up gettig the Sport 2 16s, wish i had got the normal sport 2, campag with a tripple which as a start bike would of been good :) in the end i spent a bit less converting the sport 2 16s to a compact :S meh

    Don't get put off if you see campag gear on the bike, and notice buttons down the side of the hood, put me off as thought its the same as shimano, as its not, as its much much easier to get to!

    Other than that a second, a second hand bike :)
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  • The Giant SCR3 should work nicely for you, & it's a damn good bike for the money.
  • Gotte
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    I got a Decathlon B.twin Sport 3, and echo WillBevan's comments. I got mine for £325, about £150 than the normal price, and it is excellent, with carbon forks and stays on an alu frame. I don;t think I know anywhere where you can get that for the price.
    You'll have to be fast, though, mine was the last one, and I'm pretty sure the sale will have to end soon.
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    I'll second the Giant SCR range. I got a SCR1 for less than £500 as my first road bike, and get on with it just fine so far.

    The SCR 1 (RRP £850) and SCR 4 both have the same frame so its worth upgrading later.

    Try and get some test rides.
  • George Murdoch
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    My No. 2 bike is a Giant SCR3 & I like it as much as my Genesis Day07, although the Genesis has much better equipment. Look for a SCR3, you may still get one at a good price.
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    They've got other SCR's on there. I got my bike from here with no problems.
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    You'd be pushed to buy a better value starter than the Continental Race for £375. from Edinburgh Bike Co-op
    Well regarded and with mudguard eyes, it's perfect for a beginner.
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