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Converting a Spec Allez to a flat-barred urban machine

le_patronle_patron Posts: 491
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Ok folks, anyone got any thoughts on what is involved in converting a standard Specialised Allez (Shimano 105/Tiagra) into a mean hybrid commuter (courier style).

I'm guessing the swap to flat bars is fairly easy (31.8mm) but after that it's more confusing as to which MTB style shifters and cables are compatible with the existing derailleurs. The Allez has a 9 speed triple tiagra chainset on it. A brake upgrade would also be good. More details here

Thoughts appreciated.


  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    if it's a double then any mtb shifters will work. Even though mtb and road front mechs pull different amounts of cable, it will work, trust me.

    Go for LX or above. XT can be had for £25ish s/hand.

    The main thing is to run you bar quite narrow. Wide bar and roadie geometry would equal twitchy front end.

    I suggest 50cm max but check you can fit your shifters+levers+grips on before the bar starts to bulge near the stem (the older 25.4mm bars were better in this respect).

    As for brake levers, you'll need ones setup for cantilever brakes, not V brake levers. V brake levers pull too much cable for dual pivot brakes and lead to a hard lever with not enough power.
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