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is anyone else out there, like myself, totally screwed due to going out riding with a much fitter mate on the weekend?

I just want to sleep in the corner...


  • nwallace
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    tell your mate that he can get extra miles in by darting off in front at his speed, stopping turning around and returning to find you.

    Do Nellyphants count?

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    Tried that on the coast road from Severn Beach to Avonmouth and used a roadie as a windbreak. He played along for about 2 miles and allowed me to stay in his slipstream then rode at his normal pace and left me standing :roll:
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    Couple of years ago fully loaded touring with large group of mates in Denmark we got tired of one guy complaining about the lack of speed, so whilst the slower party took a senic route two us us and the 'fast' mate took a short cut down a 20 mile dead flat straight road. We knew about slipstreaming and taking turns at the front.

    Gobby mate lasted 6 km at 21 mph before we dropped him, he caught us up 20 mins after we had arrived by which time we were on our 1st pint but had collected empty glasses from other tables to say we were on pint number 3.

    He never complained about the speed again.